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 Qatar Security Consultancy is a private independent security consultancy that mind clients to achieve maximum benefit from their investment in security. We work within the client’s budget and make every effort to utilize client’s in-house resources.

Our uninterrupted journey since 1996, providing security services to a wide variety of customers in the state of Qatar, the extent of our industry knowledge is exceptional. Understanding your business and the gradations of your industry is an important aspect in assessing security risks.

Our talent pool includes a cross-section of industries, skills, and experiences. understanding your security challenges and helping you to put in place the necessary deterrents to protect your personnel, property, and information.  QSS Security consultants offers a range of security consulting services to organizations looking for:

project consulting including physical security assessments, security risk assessments, security operations, security surveys, security training, security management, developing  security policies, plans and procedures.