Qatar Security Services WLL - Since 1996, we Offer Security services to our clients & moreover we are the First security company who engaged in supplying Security Guards in the State of Qatar. We deliver what you need to meet your business objectives, supported by skilled personnel, dedicated to the safety and security of client assets, ensuring that our customers can conduct their business peacefully. QSS expertise extends across wide range of business verticals such as oilfields, Government Organizations, Hospitals, Malls, Hotel, Retail, Banks, Airport, Educational institutes, Warehousing, Industrial Infrastructure, Construction Sector and Oil & Gas segments. QSS makes continuous efforts in improving discipline; improving discipline means better morale reinforces stability; reinforced stability means better security and better security means greater value for our customers. The advantage accruing from QSS has an impact on the cost effectively of our clients' business operations. This is arrived at by minimal loss to property and negligible safety hazards at the designated area, implemented very effectively by QSS personnel. This sort of a strict security and safety standards enforced by QSS adds up to the productivity.